Tenants in Montreal

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Montreal is the second most populated municipality in Canada and the most populated municipality in the Canadian province. It is centered on the island of Montreal, it has a distinct four-season continental climate with warm to hot summers and cold, snowy winters.   

The following are some of the things you need to know before you sign the lease agreement and become a tenant in Montreal; 

1.       Apartment sizes 

In Montreal, the scale used to indicate the sizes of the apartment is completely different and confusing if you don’t understand it apartments to rent in Mississauga . Below is some a basic breakdown of the apartment-size: 

  • 1 ½: a single- room apartment with a separate bathroom. 
  • 2 ½: has a living room and bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. It is larger than the 1 ½    
  • 3 ½: it has a distinct living room, bedroom, and kitchen 
  • +4 ½: any subsequent increase signifies an addition of one room in the apartment, usually a bedroom. 

Therefore, if you need a larger apartment you will read the subsequent first letters the ½ represents a bathroom. Thus, the larger the size the large the space within it. 

2.       Emergency repairs 

This is agreed on the lease agreement if something breaks in your apartment (locks, plumbing, glasses) whether it is upon the landlord to repair or you. However, it’s upon the landlord to repair but if they are taking long you can repair and have a document showing the price of everything and send it to your landlord who will deduct it from your rent as agreed or pay you back. 

3.       Length of the lease 

Most landlord prefers asking for a year-long lease, but any rental period is allowed. You can do it annually, month to month, bi-annually or also with no fixed duration. Therefore, the length it’s upon you to agree with the landlord the most suitable and workable length for you according to the mortgage agent called Sparo

4.       Pets allowed or not 

In Montreal, there is no standard law stating that certain types of dwellings do not allow pets. This is upon the individual landlord to set the standards. This shows that if the landlord says that there are no pets that are allowed that how it is, but if there is nothing covering this then its open for you to keep the pets, however, it’s necessary for you to ensure the pet does not disturb the peace of other tenants. 

5.       Appliance situation 

As much as the appliances like washer and dryer may seem to be expensive due to the payment of extra energy bill, it’s more convenient and worth it. If the appliances are not available then consider the distance between you and the washing machine this will help minimize some cost like transport and safe time. 

6.       Rent payment form 

Generally, the landlord and the tenant work and agree on this on the form that will be suitable for both of them. If not, it’s up to the landlord to go to the tenant each time and collect rent in the form agreed.