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Tips on indoor playground safety requirements.

Avoid congestion- It is always advisable to take note of the number of people occupying the playground area. Too many people congested in one area may be dangerous; there is risk of accidents or even transmission of viral diseases.

Consider age of users- It is important that the age group of the people that are going to use the playground. This may help in planning on the type of equipment to install at the play area. For children, it may require more space due to avoid colliding with equipment.

Inspect your playground- Having a major outlook before opening a playground is very important. This may help in correcting mistakes that may have happened during installation that may have potentially caused harm or injury. When observing indoor playground safety requirements, looking out for harmful objects such as nails, bricks or tools may come in handy and therefore prevent injury.

Adult supervision- Having a supervisor at the playground is very important especially if it is a children’s playground. A supervisor oversees what is happening and may prevent harm or instruct participants to play safely.

Safety rules- It is always advisable to put up rules at the playground. Different rules and guidelines ensure that the participants adhere to the rules hence avoiding damage or injury. It is also important to teach the safety rules to small children.

Climbing equipment safety- climbing equipment comes in different sizes and shapes. Rock climbing walls, arches and ladders provide a challenge to kids than other playground equipment. Ensure kids have a way down in case they can’t complete a climb. The highest rate of injuries in public playgrounds is as a result of climbing equipment.

Dress for safe play – Choose clothes that fit well and have no loose drawstrings, tie and shoe laces. Also, remove necklaces and items that may fall from pockets.

Provide good surfacing- During play, there may be running involved and it is safe to have the surface made of material that may prevent slipping or sliding. To provide the perfect space, pour-in-place a type of rubber surfacing and/ or modular roofing tiles to allow the customization and the surface to the space and equipment you need.

In order to maintain good play, it is mandatory that all indoor safety requirements are adhered to. Small children are the most vulnerable to injuries hence safety should always come first. 

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