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What are the different Uses of Hemp Rope?

Hemp rope is not an ordinary rope; this is attributed to its thickness and the kind of fiber which is found in these ropes; hemp rope is made from a fiber plant which biologically is classified as a cannabis family; it has long twisted fibers when wounded together form various thickness. The top uses of hemp rope include construction, shipping, fishing, horsemanship and climbing. Hemp rope does not contain any chemical contents since it is naturally planted and is environmentally friendly; in this article, we shall see some of the main uses of hemp rope.

Tug of War Rope

Those who love sports, mostly outdoor activities find the hemp rope useful; in a tug of war sport, two teams are selected, and they stand side by side; one team will hold one end the second team will hold the second end. The tug of war will start among the teams by pulling the rope to either side; the side that pulls the other over to their side is declared the winner. The Hemp rope is used for this activity because of its thickness and strongness.


Climbing can be a sport or just trying to get on higher heights, and hemp rope is used to easily facilitate this activity. An enthusiast like a mountain climber will use this rope to tire around his waist and hoist it on stable rock and then pull himself up. Climbing activity can be an indoor or outdoor sport where contestants will be required to reach different heights by the use of a rope.

Ship Anchoring

Anchoring of ships mostly in the ancient Greek period was necessitated by the use of Hemp ropes; these ropes, because of their thickness, durability and strength, were ideal for the anchors to be dropped in the water. These ropes are durable; they can stay for a period of time before it starts decomposing. Its thickness brought about the weight, which was significant in stationing the ship in the sea amidst the waves. The strength of this rope is witnessed when pulling a station ship off the dock

Gym Equipment

Most fitness centers have these ropes as part of the equipment in the gym. The use of hemp rope in the fitness center builds strength in the individual and also creates resilience when the rope is a swan in a zigzag motion or tired on the pullies to pull upwards or downwards. It can be used in athletics and the military.


Before the innovation of machines in the construction, ropes were used to lift heavy concretes from the ground level to the upper floors. Nowadays, lifting cargo containers at the port while loading or offloading, they use hemp ropes.


Apart from the discussed uses above, hemp rope has many advantages and can be used for different purposes. It is a natural fiber from the cannabis family, which is environmentally friendly. Durable and has a guaranteed thickness that displays strength and reliability. Therefore hemp rope is worth considering as a value for money. 

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