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Is it worth is furnishing your house? 

  Furnishing a house is not an easy task. You will find out that unfurnished house smells dull and very unattractive. But why live and stay in such a house? You are more than that. All you need is relax and figure out how to make your house a beautiful and proud home. Yes, its about time you stop disliking your home. I know you have visited your friends or neighbors homes and asked yourself how they did it. Here are their main secrets: 

Living room 

This is the face of your inner house. Someone will tell about your personality only by looking at your living room. How is the color of your walls? What about the coaches? Everything totally counts. 

When it comes to your living room walls, you should furnish with something that will grab someone`s attention. You can paint your wall with that beautiful painting. 

 Hanging beautiful pictures is a beautiful idea as well. The beautiful stickers that you saw at the shop will look good on that wall. All you need to  do is make sure when selecting the kind of furnish, its better if it matches with the color of the coaches, the floor. That way your house will become the home you always dreamed of. 

 If you love reading, you can put that shelf and put your books and some flowers. It will surely look amazing. 

The curtains also need to be beautiful. Let them match with the beautiful pictures on the wall, the paintings the floor. 

Bed room 

This is where you want to feel relaxed. You need to furnish with something that bring life into you mind and heart. 

The bed should look neat. The pillows and the bed should make you feel sleepy again and again even after waking up. The more beautiful the bed the more relaxed you feel. 

A coach will look amazing with beautiful pillows. The lampshades table needs to be smart. Apart from your alarm watch, put something like some animal  sculpture. Your favorite pictures. 

Your dressing should wish you a good day before anyone does. Make it beautiful, some dry flowers. 

But note that it wold be advisable if your bedroom look spacious. It needs lots of fresh air. At least if the window is a bit large then the beauty will increase. 

And the curtains needs to bring the atmosphere, the friendly. The walls should not be so occupied like the living room. Don`t forget this is the room that need to unburden you. 


Why are you shocked. This is where you spends almost quarter a day when you are home. Cooking and other stuffs. A kitchen should look amazing and very attractive. The color of the benches, and the dining companions are the main beauty. Leave alone the utensils. Some beautiful roses will look nice on a dinner table. The way you arrange your utensils still will tell some one who you really are the if you can make a delicious meal. 

Home compound 

This is the real face of your home. I know you have made your rooms attractive. But what about the compound. What about some green flowers around your house. Even the colored ones looks beautiful. A garden, you wan to breath and feel that breeze. After staying in the house you will surely need to visit outside. But where, on the dust, that dirty compound? 

It is your home. You should be feel proud of taking your guests around. Let them see you through your surroundings. Let them define you and answer their furnishing questions. 

Not just a house but a home sweet home Stephanie Cohen Home