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What are the advantages of using shopify to sell your products?

Online shopping has become rampant since the outbreak of COVID 19. Various sites have made it easier for people to do their shopping online.  Shopify enables one to shop online and also put their products  up for buying

Shopify is a subscription based software that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products. This article focuses on the advantages of using shopify to sell your products.

Easy to set up and use

Setting up a collection in shopify has been made easy since one does not have to worry about development costs and over servers. the interface is user friendly and clean since all features are logically structured. All one needs is a product to sell on the platform.

Secure and reliable

Customer information such as credit card details are secure on shopify. It will take care of all server maintenance and upgrades to keep the customer details secure. Shopify is reliable since all the upgrades made will ensure that shopping carts are always available and your page is loaded quickly to cater for customers who are in a hurry.

No technical expertise

Technical expertise is not needed when setting up a collection in shopify. All software and hosting is provided by shopify hence it does not require technical expertise.  This feature not only makes it easier to start selling products online but it also makes it faster and more secure due to shopifys hosting. 

Customizable themes

There are various themes to choose from in shopify. When setting up a collection in shopify you are able to choose the themes you want to use. You can also customize those themes in a manner of your liking using a code. This enables you to create an online shop that fits your personality and brand identity.

Various payment gateways

Shopify has integrated various payment gateways. this makes it easier for customers to pay using the different gateways they have. Shopify also has its own payment gateway. You will not incur any transaction cost if you choose to use this. You will also benefit from lower credit card fees.

It has an app

Shopify has its own app store which is available online. One can check customer reviews before installing the app or setting up their collection. Using the app you can also print labels for your products. You can add shipping programs, social media sites and marketing apps to the app. Many of this additions are free but most are charged for.

Reduces competition

Shopify reduces competition since the products are sold online as compared to those sold in supermarkets. In supermarkets there are various brands of the same product while on shopify you may find that it is your product brand only being sold. 

In conclusion, adding a gift card to shopify and makes it easier for one to sell  their products.  It is customer friendly and has impacted positively on people’s lives. This article persuades those who want to sell their products online to use shopify  because of its advantages.