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Disability law and how the rights are violated

Disability is an impairment based on the physical, intellectual, and mental capacity of an individual that may cause retardation in the way they interact with other people in society. There are laws put in place for such people, these laws protect and guard their livelihood and ensure their needs are met; they are disability laws cumis insurance

As much as the world records a significant number of people with disabilities, there is still a gap in how these people are being handled. They are amongst the people who are the most susceptible and non-empowered part of the population. Developing countries are most likely to register huge numbers due to the socio-economic factors of that given population. Most of these people cannot access basic human rights which is one of the challenges that they have to deal with every day. 

Freedom of expression 

Most of the people who are disabled do not have access to knowledge that pertains to their rights and where they may find help whenever the need arises. Largely, they are subjected to limited opportunities of education and resources that come with it, poor communication techniques to enhance social interactions, and there’s no effort put forward to ensure that these people’s voices are heard and their pleas acted upon accordingly. 

Equal justice 

Studies show that most people with disabilities who cannot afford reasonable living conditions face exploitation, violence, and abuse. Cognitive impairment individuals are the most vulnerable in this group. It is not easy to detect cases of abuse or exploitation among this group since most of the time the abuses can’t be documented, therefore, in such cases, justice doesn’t prevail. 

Freedom from being exploited 

Amongst the population, a substantial part of the people who are susceptible to abuse and violence are the people who are disabled. The abusers are usually those who care for them at home or the handlers taking care of them at the accommodation facilities

Approaches that have been made to ensure equal rights to people living with disabilities 

Due to immense research and studies both in political fields and social sciences, there has been improved awareness of the experiences of such people and how to handle them. Surveys and studies on psychological health have proved how stigma and discrimination have affected the mental state of such people. Human rights bodies and their counterparts have ensured that people living with disabilities’ rights are protected by ensuring their living conditions can fulfill their fundamental needs. 

Every individual has a right to understand what defines their destiny and pursue it without fear of being discriminated against. An organization that guarantees equality amongst its members, such as job opportunities, elevates the rights of vulnerable people. These people may be empowered to make crucial decisions involving their welfare. 

In regards to disability law, there is little effort that has been put forward to ensure that these laws are upheld. There is a need to increase awareness of such laws to empower such people.