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What is a pawn shop? It can be described as a person or a business that offers loans to people, with personal items as a collateral depending on the value of the product. It can also be referred to as a pawnbroker. Items used as pawns range from jewelry, stereos, cameras, merchandise, automotive and used or second-hand valuables. In most cities across the globe, the pawn shop is symbolized with three spheres suspended from a bar. This makes it stand out among other stores for easy location by people. It is a fast-rising business especially in today’s world where people want everything in a snap of a finger. More people prefer pawning their collectibles for a quick loan.  

There are factors to consider when determining the amount of loan to be given to the customer. This includes: 

  • The demand and supply of the item in the market offered by a customer in case the pawnbroker decides to sell it if the customer never returns. If the product is very saleable for a good profit when auctioned then the pawnbroker may grant a loan to the customer.  
  • The value of the item and the amount that the customer wants for it. Used products will go for a cheap price when sold thus the customer will be granted a low amount of loan for it. High value products and jewelry will sell for a high price when sold thus the customer will access a much bigger loan for it.  
  • Credibility of the customer to pay interest on loaned money and ability to reclaim the item after an agreed amount of time has elapsed.  

Below are the benefits of a pawnbroker: 

  • Profits. The owner gets to make reasonable profits from the interests charged on the loaned money and when they sell the item. This enables the business to stay afloat economically and avoid being declared bankrupt.  
  • Loaned money cushions a customer during tough economic times. It can also help a customer during emergency situations as long as he or she has a valuable item to be used as a pawn thus paying bills in time.  
  • The pawnbroker owner can also sell his or her own first-hand items to the customers. This diversification of business means more market coverage by the owner.  
  • Items are safe and secured. In case you decide to go back to pick your item, you will find it intact.  
  • Unlike banks, in case you decide to never return to pick your item, the pawnbroker can sell the item which compensates for the loaned money and interest without affecting your borrowing capability.  
  • You can access multiple loans at the same time. Each item can act as a collateral on its own.  
  • You get to reclaim your item when you have cleared paying for the loaned money.  
  •  Less paperwork is involved during the process of acquiring a loan.  


Get a quick loan today by pawning your item of choice in exchange at a pawn shop today .  

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