Model Makers Turn To Lasik To Ease Eye Strain Over Prolonged Projects

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EPI Lasik is a type of laser correction procedure that is similar to LASEK and LASIK and may be used as one of the best alternatives for different eye conditions.  When it comes to the EPI Lasik, the flap that is usually created by the surgeon is way thinner compared to the one that is created during the LASIK eye surgery. This technique can be beneficial to those patients who have a thinner cornea than what is considered to be normal. 

Once the EPI Lasik procedure is complete, your vision may not be perfect immediately as your eyes may need some time for it to be able to adjust. After three days of the procedure, there are those patients who have a 20/20 vision or a 20/40 vision. However, there are those patients who may take longer for them to start seeing an improvement in their vision. Some may even take around three to six months for them to be able to get their clear vision. You can also be able to drive within a week after the surgery has been completed. When you compare these recovery periods with the ones for the LASIK procedure, the healing process of EPI Lasik has been found to be way lower

Just like any other eye laser surgery that you may undergo, it is advisable that you make sure that you follow all the instructions that you are going to be given by the surgeon. This is because how your cornea heals highly affects the quality of vision you are going to get which is why it is important that you follow all the laid out guidelines that you will be given by your surgeon or doctor. Also, it is advisable that you keep using the medications and eye drops that may have been prescribed to you and also make sure that you can go for all your follow-up appointments.

If you are thinking of having a LASIK procedure, but your doctor advises you to get an EPI Lasik procedure instead, you should always get to know the Singapore epi lasik hours Even though this may not be the case for every single person, there are surgeons who may consider EPI Lasik procedure to be most suitable to some patients compared to the LASIK procedure. Patients who are likely to be referred for an EPI Lasik are those who do not have sufficient tissue for a good Lasik flap to be performed and also those patients who have a fragile cornea. EPI Lasik is also considered to be a safer option especially to those patients who have hobbies or professions that increase the chances of them being hit in the eye.